KIMILAR Jewellers Loupe Magnifying Glass 30 x 21mm, Jewelers Loupe Antiques Pocket Magnifier Hallmark Eye Lens


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    This fits your 

  • 30 x magnification in a 21mm loupe.
  • High quality lens for extra sharpness and clarity
  • Foldable and tiny, great to have one in your pocket all the times
  • It includes a small loop to attach to a neck chain or key chain
  • Lens loupe is made of optical glass, round swing-away chrome plated case

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A small, pocket magnifying glass with a chrome surround and a chrome swivel cover. 30 x magnification in a 21mm loupe

High quality lens is made of optical glass for extra sharpness and clarity

Round swing-away chrome plated case

It has great magnification power

You can get an extremely close view of the tiniest details

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